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After a friend of mine attended culinary school, I realized that there were some things that I had been missing the mark on for quite some time. For starters, I had just been pairing wine with whatever we were having for dinner, when more thoughtful pairings really improved the taste of both things. I began thinking more carefully about the types of alcohol I was buying, and that simple decision really improved my overall experience. Check out this great blog for all kinds of tips to help you to choose better drinks to go with your meals when you sit down for a feast.



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Marketing and Promotion Ideas for Your Liquor Retail Store

Marketing and promotion are essential for the success of any business. If you are a business owner who happens to run a liquor store, then it can be extra tricky to draw in new customers. Because there are certain legal restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages, it's a good idea to make a list of promotion ideas that you can implement for your business.

Here are three interesting ways in which you can create a buzz for your store and draw in new customers.

Team Up With Major Brands for Clothing Giveaways

One easy way to promote your store is to team up with a major brand for a clothing giveaway. Everyone likes swag, and many liquor companies would love to promote their brand by supplying your store with free shirts with their logo. It's a win-win. You draw in a crowd of customers who will stop by for the free T-shirts from the liquor company, and these customers might stay and buy some of your inventory. If you're looking to do a summer promo, you can sometimes find brands that give away bikinis, or other bathing suit attire. Tequila companies and certain beer brands are famous for this marketing approach.

Order Credit Card Size Bottle Openers With Your Company Logo

If you're looking for a marketing idea that you can have on hand year-round, then you should think about ordering credit card size bottle openers. You can get these made up in bulk and have your store's logo imprinted on them. Then you can give these out when people are checking out and slip them into the bag with their purchases. Unlike things like small magnetic calendars, people will use them and won't just look at them once and forget about them. They can easily fit inside a person's wallet or purse and will be there whenever there is a need to open a bottle.

Host Tasting Parties with Major Brands

Finally, you should look into hosting a tasting party. These are events that many wine and alcoholic beverage companies participate in. It's another win-win situation. The brand gets to improve its visibility in a market, and you get to draw in people who would like to try free wine or gin or whatever alcoholic beverage you happen to be sponsoring. The great thing about these events is that you can bring in premium brands and get people to switch over from cheaper brands to the more expensive brands once they've tasted and enjoyed a sample. This will improve your revenue in the long run.