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After a friend of mine attended culinary school, I realized that there were some things that I had been missing the mark on for quite some time. For starters, I had just been pairing wine with whatever we were having for dinner, when more thoughtful pairings really improved the taste of both things. I began thinking more carefully about the types of alcohol I was buying, and that simple decision really improved my overall experience. Check out this great blog for all kinds of tips to help you to choose better drinks to go with your meals when you sit down for a feast.



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Three Ways to Cook With Beer

When you buy some beer, your primary intention will likely be to drink it — perhaps at the end of a long week at work or maybe on the weekend as you hang out with a few friends in your yard. While these ideas can certainly be appealing, you shouldn't overlook the fact that beer can be a useful addition to your cooking. If you're trying to improve your skills in the kitchen, you may wish to begin experimenting with beer. There are lots of different ways that you can cook with beer, and one approach can be to open two bottles — one to use as you cook and another to sip on while you work. Here are three ways to use beer in the kitchen.


When you're frying one or more ingredients in a pan, you'll often notice that small bits of the food can begin to stick to the bottom of the pan. This can eventually cause them to burn, but these bits can be challenging to scrape off. A good solution is to deglaze the pan, which means adding a liquid to it. The liquid will loosen the stuck bits with ease. Many people use beer for deglazing, as it can add a mild but pleasant flavor to whatever you're cooking. Just a few small splashes of beer will often be enough to successfully deglaze your pan.


Placing meat and other ingredients in a marinade before you cook them can be a good way to add complex flavors to each bite. Store-bought marinades are often high in sodium, fat, and other unhealthy things, which prompts a lot of people to make their own marinades. You'll find all sorts of easy marinade recipes online, including those that use beer. Marinade always needs a liquid base, and using beer instead of water will add more flavor. For example, a flavorful dark beer with a variety of spices and herbs can be a good marinade for red meat that you plan to grill.


Lots of people use beer as a central ingredient in different dips. A combination of beer, melted cheese, and other ingredients can make a tasty dip that you can use in a variety of ways. For example, you can dip crackers or chunks of bread into the dip. Or, if you want to go in a healthier direction, you can use the dip with a selection of fresh vegetables. Many people serve beer and cheese dips warm, which can be a good appetizer if you're hosting guests during the winter. Visit your local beer store to buy a few products to drink and use in the kitchen. 

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